Not to be confused with the other “Timothy Schmits” out there (I always teased him about the “B.”), this is the one and only...
He’s probably best known for his work with Poco and The Eagles, lending his unmistakable harmony sound and singing lead on the hit, “I Can’t Tell You Why”. But when the Eagles broke up (and before hell froze over and they reunited), Timothy was a solo artist on MCA. I had the pleasure of recording a bunch of this album alongside my dear friend, Bruce Gaitsch. Bruce and Timothy wrote much of the record and we had many great moments in the studio making it.
This is probably my favorite track, as it showcases Timothy doing ALL the vocals, from high to low, in a style reminiscent of the Beach Boys. This was “pre-Tools”, back on the big 2” tape and it still sounds great.
Timothy B. Schmit