Here are some samples of my work in various genres. By no means complete, it should give you some insight into “my sound”, which is not really a stamp I put on the music, but rather a sensibility to make everything speak, feature the vocals, which embody the emotion and message of the song, and lastly, make you want to listen again and AGAIN!
I heard the original mix as it was mastered and about to be released. I begged to have a shot at mixing it. What engineer wouldn’t LOVE to mix a song called “LOUD”?! And I knew I could make it bigger, better,and clearer, not just louder.
LOUD.m4a of both mixes for your comparison. These are presented in their final mastered state at the same level. I would love the chance to mix your next project!
-David Cole
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Before & After: “LOUD” • Sammy Hagar