For the longest time, I NEVER took a picture with the people I was working with... Here I was, locked in a room for days on end, working closely on creative projects with wonderfully talented people and then... when it was all over... they were GONE and no one had snapped a picture! Well, I finally woke up to the fact that these were precious moments to capture. So without further apology, here are my shameless snaps of me and my famous friends.
A Slice of Time
Melissa Etheridge and band for the “Inconvenient Truth” movie song, “I Need To Wake Up”
3 Doors Down & Seger
Matt Scannel (Vertical Horizon), Richard Marx, JC, DC
Hugh Jackman... the album that never was.
New York, NY
Kid Rock, DC, Bob Seger
Kid & Seger on the Jesse James bike
Annette O’Toole, Michael McKean, and Nell Geisslinger
Dude!!! We made “Maze” records together...
Keith Urban, Seger, & Chris McHugh
Leslie, Eddie Bayers, Glen Worf, Seger, J.T., DC
Nashville sunset
Abe Laboriel Jr.’s kit
Richard Marx & Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon)
Winter sunset in CA
Christopher Guest, CJ Vanston, Joe Satriani
DC & CJ @ the Treehouse
Melissa & ASCAP Founder’s Award
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