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Years of experience have taught me one thing:
It’s ALL about the music. Technology has evolved and changed the way we make music and will continue to do so. That’s exciting.
But some of the greatest music of all time was recorded under less than ideal conditions and with inferior equipment. Certainly, the search for better solutions will aid in capturing the moment more accurately. But it’s all about that moment, the message, and the ultimate purpose: to communicate and to entertain. That lies at the core of what I do.
When the artist says to me, “That’s EXACTLY how I heard it in my head” or “It’s BETTER than how I pictured it!”, then I know I’ve done my job. For me, if the goosebumps are working, then that’s payday.
-David Cole
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The Bob Seger album, “Ride Out” is out and on iTunes. This latest album, 7 years in the making, culminated with one more tour around the U.S. It started out with TV appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, and David Letterman. I caught the show in San Diego, where Bob gave me a shout-out from the stage. Pretty cool!
Check out this article in “The Union Tribune”.
With the recent stay-at-home orders across the globe, I’m hoping more people are taking the challenge to record and release music to fuel the soul. I’m happy to be a part of that process and welcome your projects. I’ve been “mixing at home” for years now...
I recently added the ability to mix live over the internet. Now several people can be securely listening in as I prepare mixes. This speeds up the approval process and it’s like being in the same room without packing a suitcase.
I’ve been fortunate to be able to work in a lot of different musical circles.
Sampler now online: Click to Listen.
Bob Seger, Melissa Etheridge, Richard Marx, *NSYNC, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Timothy B. Schmit,
“A Mighty Wind”, “Waiting For Guffman”, Poco, Emerson Drive, Josh Groban, Oscar De La Hoya, Myriam Hernandez, Luis Fonsi, Jaci Velasquez, Carlos Ponce, Cake, Farm Dogs, Kenny Loggins, Kristy Starling, Roger McGuinn, Kenny Rogers, Michael Bolton, Steve Miller, “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Almost Heroes”,
“Best In Show”...
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